Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you charge for an initial consultation? 

    No.  We do not charge for an initial consultation during which we discuss with you basic facts concerning you legal matter.  We like to consider the circumstances of all possible cases and can present options to you to aid you in making the best decision possible.

  2. Are communications with you private? 

    Yes.  We maintain complete confidentiality with regard to your legal matter.

  3. How much experience do you have? 

    Please see our respective bios.  We work as a team and our clients receive the benefits of our many years of collective experience.

  4. Do I need any money to bring a claim for personal injury? 

    Not initially and in many personal injury cases not at all.  Most of the personal injury cases we handle involve a contingent fee contract. That means we do not get paid until and unless our client makes a recovery. Generally, our fees will be a percentage of any recovery.  In limited circumstances, we will represent a client on an hourly basis.

  5. Will I have to go to trial? 

    Most personal injury cases never go to trial.  We prepare all of our personal injury cases as if they are going to trial.   This is the very reason why most of our personal injury cases get settled outside of court.  Preparation by our team allows us to negotiate from a position of strength, helping you get a maximum award for your personal injuries.